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Introducing the Limited Edition Chocolate & Berry DETANGLING BRUSH by SM&CO

Unveil the ultimate solution for effortlessly smooth and tangle-free hair with our specially crafted DETANGLING BRUSH. Available in a luxurious Chocolate & Berry palette or our classic beige and black, this lightweight and durable brush is designed to glide seamlessly through wet or dry hair, handling even the most stubborn knots.

Experience the perfect blend of nylon and boar bristles, expertly combined to swiftly detangle your hair, whether it's in the shower, post-shampoo or conditioning, or even during a quick blow-dry. The innovative Vented Head Design ensures your brush remains dry and moisture-free, while facilitating efficient heat flow for swift blow-drying sessions. This unique design allows for easy shower use without trapped water, expediting the drying process.

Withstanding heat up to 180°C, our brush's open vented structure accelerates drying time by directing more hot air towards your hair. It's not just a brush; it's a time-saver.

Recommended Uses:

- Effortless detangling during showers with conditioner or masks

- Gentle detangling for wet hair

- Smoothly untangling dry hair

- Brushing out curls with care

- Perfect for kids' hair, particularly when dealing with knots

Discover the joy of pain-free detangling and swift blow-drying. Elevate your hair care routine with the Limited Edition Chocolate & Berry DETANGLING BRUSH by SM&CO. Your hair deserves this exquisite treat.

Detangling Brush - Choc Berry Collection