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SM&CO Bamboo Brush - healthy for your hair, and our planet.


SM&CO Bamboo Brush is crafted from 100% natural bamboo, making it an environmentally conscious choice. Made from a blend of 70% cruelty-free, sustainably-sourced boar hair, and 30% nylon bristles, SM&CO Bamboo Brush is designed for daily use for dry styling for all hair types.


Its ergonomically designed bamboo handle provides utmost comfort for everyday use of detangle knots and tangles while simultaneously stimulating your scalp promoting hair growth. The light-weight and compact design also makes it a convenient travel companion. Regular use helps redistribute the natural oils from your scalp down to the ends of your hair, resulting in enhanced texture and colour. Your hair will appear shinier, smoother, and overall healthier.


Experience the difference with our Bamboo Brush and unlock the full potential of your hair.

- Eco-friendly

- Sustainable bamboo

- Cruelty-free & Sustainably sourced boar hair

- Ergonomically designed

- Promotes healthy hair

- Sensory happy

Bamboo Brush

Colour: 100% Natural Bamboo